Sharing Electric Bicycle Charging Cabinet

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Product Features

Real-time data upload function
High efficiency, high reliability and high stability
Support multi-machine communication online application, convenient users centralized management
Intelligent identification of battery with specific identification, adaptive 36V ~ 44V of battery output

Product Specifications

Battery voltage level 36V-44V                                                    Output voltage range: 36-44V
Maximum output power: 210W                                                  Charging efficiency: ≥90%
Online external communication: RS48 (multiple pairs)                 Pack size: 1100 * 630* 1472*mm
Charging identification communication: UART (point-to-point)      Waterproof rating: IP20
Input voltage range: 1176-264vac / 45-55hz                             Housing Material: ABS+ PC
Certificated by: CCC, CQC                                                         Available for market in: Global